1-1-1: You Have The Answers To Your Problems

Jordan Tarver
April 11, 2024

I hope you’re having a great start to your spring! The energy has been a bit intense lately, so if you’re feeling it or going through it, give yourself grace and kindness. You’ll be on the other side of it soon 🙂

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One Thing to Help You Grow

Your emotions are information. When you feel them, they are a signal of opportunity.

For example, if you feel frustrated or anxious, ask yourself what you feel frustrated or anxious about. What shift are you being called to make to ease this tension?

Emotions surface when they’re ready to be healed and processed. While it may be uncomfortable to face them and move through them, doing so creates less pain and suffering than if you pushed them off for another time.

When you push your emotions off or stuff them away, they compound onto each other and become more painful to process in the future.

Instead of seeing your emotions as something to run away from, see them as information to serve your greatest and highest good—to help you overcome your biggest problems.

This healthy relationship with your emotions is one step toward personal freedom.


One Thing to Help You Smile

My grandma had a massive stroke about 15 years ago. She was paralyzed on the right side of her body and had a lot of work to do.

Throughout her journey, she’s listened to My Stroke of Insight, which is a book written by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, who is a brain scientist who had the same type of stroke as my grandma.

Last Christmas, I reached out to Dr. Taylor to see if there was a way I could get a signed copy for my grandma as a surprise.

Find out what happened below!

Click here to smile 🙂


One Thing to Help You Believe

Continuing with my grandma’s story and her road to recovery:

My grandma’s stroke left a big mark on her life. She couldn’t walk, eat solid food, drink water, read, or write.

Instead of thinking about all the growth and work ahead of her, she rejected that change isn’t all-or-nothing and focused on small consistent shifts.

For example, when she came home from her residential rehab stay, she practiced her ABCs with my grandpa and would listen to him read out loud to her in the morning.

Over time, these small shifts compounded into incredible growth and transformation.

This is a great reminder and proof that change doesn’t require you to do something crazy. You can completely change your life one small shift at a time.

Believe in the power of simplicity.

Jordan Tarver

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